cy_ir01There are many similarities between Ireland and Cyprus. The way they feel about friendship, family, country and of course drink is all very similar. The Cypriot people, like the Irish, love life. They love nothing better than spending time with their friends, talking, laughing, sharing a beer or playing backgammon or cards with a coffee.

Eating with loved ones, family, friends is always a big occasion with the Irish and the Cypriot people. Enjoying good traditional food made with care, sharing a bottle of wine with your friends and loved ones is a pastime for the Irish and the Cypriots. cy_ir02The telling of jokes and stories to a group of people, talking about history or old proverbs and folklore is something both the Irish and the Cypriots love.

Both the Irish and the Cypriot people love to talk, laugh and dance, but also know the quality in sharing time with people they care for and always meeting new friends. If you walk into any Pub in Ireland or Cyprus, you may see different people but you see the same nature of people enjoying the same things and you will feel the same atmosphere.

This is why an Irish pub is perfect for Cyprus and the Cypriots and for people all over the world to come and share the meaning of enjoying life to the full. This is what Molly Malone’s is about and what you will find when you come here.